Many thanks to Alice Wyatt and Robert Montgomery for their generous donations. Thanks also to our members for their yearly renewals. Each of these donations help to make our museum a success!

Our thanks to the Weber County RAMP Program for funding the North Ogden Historical Museum’s display, “Landmarks from the Past.” The museum used the funds as a visual display depicting historical North Ogden landmarks, including the Red Brick School, the Smith/Ward home, the Edith Orth home, and the Hall Fruit Farm.

Utah Humanities CouncilWe would like to thank the Utah Humanities Council for awarding us a museum interpretation grant of $2000.00 to create an exhibit of “North Ogden’s Railroad History”.

We would like to thank the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, a division of the Utah Department of Community and Culture for awarding us a generous grant of $4,074.00. These funds were used to purchase a computer system and create a multi-page free standing storyboard display of North Ogden’s history.

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